Marcel Klever - About 

There is nothing much to tell ! .. Right ? 

As a painter you can talk through your paintings. You can convey a story or generate emotions through images. Paint, brushes and, among other things, canvas are just tools for me to generate and bring to life these emotions or stories. When I paint, my mind sends these tools to the end result. The moment I am in a painters 'flow', I slowly build up this emotion with the story, and project it on the canvas or other medium. At that moment my brain is having something convey that concerns me. Of course I start a painting with a certain thought, but it can well change through the course of the process into something unexpected that will (strongly) take the upper hand. I will always embrace that process and let it happen. The final image I present will not be an accurate figurative construction of this emotion or story, but rather an abstract representation of it. It will have to do with something that concerns me at that moment, at that time, in that period. It is like a dream translated into paint on canvas with brushes and other tools. ​ Themes that currently concern me are for example: Man in relation to nature. "Man is nature" is the statement. I am also immensely fascinated by the similarity between macro- and microstructures in nature and how these can also correspond to unconsciously created structures by humans. Here too man is a unconscious part of nature. If we as human beings realize better we are nature, I hope that we will deal with nature more respectfully. I want these emotions to be expressed in cheerful and aesthetically beautiful paintings. I am a positive person and my paintings can also be enjoyed purely as a result. I hope that succeeds and happens. 


Marcel started painting again in 2019 after an interruption of more than 3 decades. by painting more and more Marcel dives deeper and deeper into his style and approach. But de Marcel continues to face the value of experimenting with different styles. It is a way of development and it occasionally produces deviating images. ​ 

 Enjoy your visit. ​ 

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